Covid – 19 and Dangerfield & Keane

Updated – Sept 12 2020

We will follow all the official guidance as your safety as well as the safety and well being of our team are paramount to us. There is strict guidance in place for hair salons which must be followed in order for us to operate safely. All clients and team members will be expected to adhere to the guidance and salon protocol.

If you feel unwell; If you have a persistent dry cough; a temperature or a loss of taste or smell, you must cancel your appointment and we will rebook you for 14 days time.


“Track and Trace” is now mandatory. We are required to collect client’s names, date and time of visit, and who provided the service or treatment.

Allowing entry to our salon to people who have not provided their contact details is an offence and will lead to fines.


• Social distancing guidance and restrictions still apply when you are with us
• Please arrive alone for your appointment. There are restrictions for the number of people allowed in our salon at any one time
• Please do not arrive early or late for your appointment. We may not be able to accommodate you if you are late and you may be asked to wait outside if you are in early.
• As you enter the salon you must sanitise your hands.
• You are required to wear a mask. You may bring your own or we can provide one for you.
• You must put your own gown on (for your protection)
• You may be covered in a clear plastic cape by your stylist (for our protection)


• Every station and chair along with our equipment will be sanitised between appointments. This takes time to complete properly.
• You are not allowed to bring food or drink with you into our salon.
• We can offer you hot and cold drinks in disposable cups.
• You should only remove your mask or face covering to have your drink.
• We have a digital magazine link for you to access magazines on your phone or tablet.
• You may bring a Kindle or iPad if you wish.


• Please know that your safety and the safety of our team are our top priority. All businesses are allowed to operate only if they are Covid-19 safe. We ask that you work with us and be aware that we can refuse service under the government guidance to anyone who does not adhere to our protocol.

Gerri, Shaun and all the team at
Dangerfield and Keane