Inspired by the many clients who experience hair loss, Harrogate hairdressers Gerri Dangerfield Keane and Shane Singh, both of Dangerfield & Keane have completed an intensive wig personalisation course led by leading hairdresser Trevor Sorbie at the L’Oreal Professionel head quarters in London.

Gerri and Shane not only received intensive direction on working with and fitting wigs for clients with Trevor Sorbie himself, but also took part in a communications workshop lead by cancer nurses from The Communication Equation Ltd. who are experienced in helping people improve their communication skills, particularly when dealing with sensitive and difficult situations. An invaluable part of the training, this part of the seminar is designed to help “My New Hair” associates put even the most vulnerable clients at ease allowing the nurses to answer questions and share their professional knowledge and insight with the group.

Gerri and Shane join a national network of over 30 professional hairdressers who are offering their services up and down the country to patients who are suffering from medical hair loss. This list includes other notable industry names including Andrew Collinge, Mark Hill, Andrew Mulvenna, and Charles Worthington. Trevor aims to train at least 400 hairdressers on his programme over the next 2 years to deliver the “My New Hair” service in salons and healthcare environments.

“My New Hair” by Trevor Sorbie provides the definitive training and education for hair professionals to enable them to provide the premium wig cutting service in the industry. This important initiative aims to contribute towards some significant “psychological medicine” for a person experiencing medical hair loss. A client can expect a respectful, compassionate and professional consultation, tailored to their individual need.

“Both Shane and I believe that this initiative will show the deeper, more caring side of the services salons offer. While the maintenance and care of a woman’s hair is of great importance while she is enjoying good health, the psychological effects of hair loss can be extremely upsetting and traumatic for many women. I have seen the effects of this service when a wig has been cut and styled to suit the individual, the results are amazing, and the restoration of a woman’s confidence and dignity are quite simply breathtaking.

There is also a dedicated website offering tips for clients selecting, and caring for wigs.


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